Hetzner Shared Hosting – Performance Settings

I recently switched from a self-managed webhosting solution to a
shared hosting package from Hetzner. The webhosting is used to host some WordPress sites mainly.

In its default setting, the webspace comes preconfigured with PHP 5.6 and without any extensions, such as OPCache or APCu. Atleast OPCache is activated by default in a standard Debian installation.

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Running Ghost behind KeyCDN, completely

In a recent blog post I’ve described how I setup Jekyll behind KeyCDN and the used workflow to generate new blog posts.

Although, from an engineering points of view, this system is great, it lacks the simplicity other blog softwares offer. I’ve stumpled across Ghost. It’s a blogging software written in NodeJS. My goal was to replace Jekyll with Ghost to get the benefits of an admin panel, but still run Ghost behind KeyCDN completely. „Running Ghost behind KeyCDN, completely“ weiterlesen

Live Thumbnails for Twitch Generated in the Cloud

In comparison to Figure 1, in the video in Figure 2 you can see that the stream progress has advanced significantly. For example, the match in the ProLeagueCSGO channel has already been started in my generated thumbnails, in comparison to still being at the caster desk in Figure 1. The channel thumbnails are also auto updating every 3 seconds. This allows to stay on the overview until an interesting thing happens on stream. You do not have to keep a stream running in the background to see what is going on. „Live Thumbnails for Twitch Generated in the Cloud“ weiterlesen